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I had an incident with a trespasser over the weekend and thought that I may need legal counsel because of that in the future. I thought it’ll be easy to research attorneys but found out, that’s actually not the case. I needed to know what I could potentially be facing and what I should be doing. Received great advice and guidance right away. I called Alex’ office at around 5pm and he took my call and walked me through the scenarios. He provided the feeling of understanding and caring and consulted me with next steps. If it does go the way where I need representation in court Alex will the attorney I’m calling.

Emmett Guclu

Alex doesn’t miss. I hope I never get in a accident again, but if I do, it’s a no brainer who I’m contacting. My Uber accident was handled so peacefully and I was getting updates all the time, rarely had to reach out, which you know is kinda rare with attorneys. Loved the result and I miss the block team already, lol. Thank you Alex and Block

Gary Gev

Block Law Firm has some of the best attorneys I’ve ever worked with! Alex and Ryan, you guys are amazing. They really know the tenant/landlord rules and habitability laws. I told them the issues I was having and they were able to help me immediately. I got through to their staff for intake and was served the letters needed to proceed with my case within days after the initial call. They kept me informed throughout the process and, if I’m being honest, saved me from a lot of headaches. I highly recommend them every time to anyone dealing with habitability issues!

Sam Joyce

I had been in a car accident in the past and worked with a large law firm to handle my case and the case never actually got settled and was a huge waste of time and money. This time around, I found Block LLP through a quick Google search for a personal injury attorney and found a completely different experience. Ryan Block was the attorney representing me and not only did he meet with me in person, but also spoke with me several times over the phone whenever I had any questions. He was very responsive and made me feel at ease. He was very professional and I will recommend him and everyone else who helped me at Block LLP to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney.

Kim Bloomberg

Alex Safarian and Ryan Block were a pleasure to work with, the process ran very smoothly, and I knew right away that I could trust them to handle my car accident case. This law firm completely exceeded my expectations and they made sure my best interest was most important. I heard about the larger personal injury law firms around the Los Angeles area but chose Block LLP because of their excellent reputation with giving clients personalized one on one time. I knew I was in great hands with them and they remained in contact with me the entire time and defended me until the very end with my car accident. I will continue to use them for any future services needed regarding personal injury. Thank you guys!!!

Janet Khanzetyan

My wife and I were on our honeymoon when someone ran through a changing light and hit us at full speed. We are fortunate to have come out alive but suffered huge damages such as broken bones. We contacted Block LLP’s office after they were recommended to us by a friend. We were fortunate to be able to work with them. Our attorney, Ryan Block, was sympathetic to our situation and helped us through every step of the way. He was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and so caring through the whole process. We are so happy to have worked with Ryan and I’m not sure that if we went with any other office that we would have received the same result or even the same excellent service. I would recommend Block LLP to anyone and everyone who needs to be helped after a car accident. This is definitely a firm that takes care of their clients. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for fighting for us.

Gev M

I was having several issues related to a tenant/landlord dispute and called Block LLP law firm after being referred by a friend. Although they weren’t able to take my case on with my unique situation, Alex was extremely kind and helpful. He gave great advice and pointed me in the right direction. I always commend people when they go out of their way to assist people just because it’s the right thing to do so I definitely would recommend you call them.

Matt Adamo

My experience with the Block firm was exceptional! Since day one of my car accident, they have been attentive and a helpful guide through the process of recovery. My attorney, Alex Safarian, went above and beyond to make sure my needs were met and that I had the best treatment offered due to my injuries from my car accident. I have nothing but good things to say about Alex and the firm as a whole! If you need good people to represent you for car accident cases, I highly recommend them.

Alex Kazan

Block llp deserves many stars for the amazing service. I am so glad I gave block llp the opportunity to work on my case. I was involved in a very bad accident that left me with lots of pain and I wasn’t able to work for a period of time. I had no idea what to do or where to turn to for help. It was so difficult to deal with all the people and paperwork so I decided to hire block llp I just coudnt do it myself. They promised to take care of everything and I was so glad to hand over my case to good hands. They were so helpful. Thank you Alex and Ryan.

Brenda Johnson

There is a reason they have amazing 5-star ratings on here. This firm was as painless and professional as it gets with handling your case. I was rear ended at a red light and immediately felt my lower back ache from the impact. Without a car accident report filed with the police, I found Block LLP from a quick Google search of injury attorneys in Burbank and they had me signed on the same week. Monika was the attorney who primarily helped me after I had my initial screening done with the partners, Alex and Ryan. I filled out some papers with an inspector who came to my house to assess/photograph the damage. I also filed an online car accident report which I recommend to do if you did not get one on scene. Immediately the other party’s insurance was working on the cost of my damages. Meanwhile Monika took care of my chiropractic appointments which lasted for about 3 months and shortly after that I had the settlement check in hand. You are 100% in good hands with Block LLP and you will be lucky if you get Monika on your case. She was available any time I needed her and she got the full amount possible. I would recommend them to anyone involved in any type of wrongful accident.

Pau Shapiro
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